Essar Logistics, a company entrusted with providing logistics support works with a single-minded purpose: keep the clients away from tactical distractions so that they can concentrate on their core function of manufacturing /marketing.

Focus laid by the company on logistics over the years has helped bring in significant up-gradation in the plant & transit logistics infrastructure, mobilization of dedicated transportation assets, cost competitiveness and improved transactions management capabilities. Ensuring productive utilization of cargo handling and transportation equipment, efficient load consolidation, tracking of material movements, addressing customers' priorities, fleet management and forecasting, and always keeping a substantial surplus capacity - and all this not at the cost of speed of action - these are a few of the key performance drivers for the logistics company. Essar Logistics has ensured that dispatch effectiveness is managed by developing superior information management capabilities. A plethora of system solutions have been developed from scratch and implemented at the steel mill making the processes future-ready; and thereby quality, speed and responsiveness of logistics services is continuously getting upgraded at a very fast pace.

The steel logistics network extends far and wide, delivering products to the remotest of the places in the country/overseas. Over the years, there is a growing shift towards using multimodal means, and the team has utilized more than 50 railway goods sidings and 10 major/minor ports to deliver domestic cargo, besides exporting containerized cargo to more than 150 destinations.

With Essar Steel expanding its production facilities, the logistics infrastructure and equipment deployment needs continuous upgradation. More volumes for evacuation means more storage, identification, retrieval, documentation and dispatch requirements. Also movement through multimodal routes adds as many storage and distribution hubs, operating as mini-yards by themselves.

To serve the clients with information before it is asked, the team has come up with a customer-focussed web-enabled solution called "Track your Steel". It is an interactive portal available to customers / logistics / marketing / transporters to track steel consignment from delivery order release to delivery at the door-step.

Before issuing a loading order to the transporter, the system carries out a couple of checks with respect to quality inspection status, physical inventory status, commercial blocks, loadability etc. System also takes cognizance of customer's instructions whether to hold/schedule/prioritize dispatches. For clear and dispatchable orders, vehicle placement orders are issued to the transporters, and the customers are kept informed of the vehicle placement status against their delivery orders proactively. This portal further integrates information from all internal systems and provides status of cargo dispatched with expected delivery date based on calculated standard transit days. This expected date of delivery is regularly updated by the team, in case of any eventual delays. Portal also generates email alerts on the enroute transit exigencies reported by transporters which may delay the delivery of their consignment. It also informs the customers of any reported unloading delays at their receiving sites.

To the customer a dashboard view is provided through which they can access a real time snapshot of delivery order pending for placement of vehicle, dispatch plan of the same, vehicle details once they are placed under loading, regular status updates of invoiced cargo under transit at port / rail heads not yet loaded into a destination bound truck, cargo dispatched in the last two months, expected date of delivery of cargo in transit, cases of reported transit delays with reasons, and cases of reported unloading delays. An android-enabled version for smartphones is also under development.

We welcome our esteemed clients to use the information available to them, and request for feedback, so that we can continuously upgrade our responsiveness.

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