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Hazira: Plate mill

Essar Plate Mill is equipped with state of art technology and advanced controls with a capacity of 1.5 MTPA. Partnering with best in class technology providers, the mill has advanced facilities and uses sophisticated processing techniques like TMCR coupled with ADCO, Direct quenching(DQ), indirect radiant heating for normalizing, roller water quenching and tempering, in-line ultrasonic testing for producing steel plates for extremely critical applications. The mill is India's largest and widest with a capacity of producing plates in strength levels of 1500 MPa and width up to 5000 mm.

Essar plates undergo close process metallurgy and chemistry, keeping in minds the specific requirements of different application segments like shipbuilding, railways, line pipes, defense etc. Mill is not only capable of producing high quality steel plates but also conforms to clean steel norms prescribed by all leading international standards agencies. Essar steel makes plate products with extremely low sulfur content and tramp elements, which guarantee extremely high toughness values even up to (–) 80 degree Celsius. Some of the unique features of plate rolling at Essar is the high powered mill for rolling heavy gauges, advanced temperature controlled heat treatment facilities and superior dimensional accuracy. Easy access to port and road ensures timely execution and delivery of orders across the world.

The high roll separating force of 10,000 MT as against conventional 4000 MT , helps in high shape factor rolling i.e., (higher reduction per pass) which results in good internal quality, improved mechanical properties like strength and toughness. Essar Steel plates conform to all international standards including American Petroleum Institute (API), STM, EN, JIS, and ARE. Essar steel plates can be normalised or quenched and tempered (Q&T).

Plate Dimension
Plate Thickness: 5-150mm
Plate Width: 1,100-5,000mm
Plate Length: Up to 25,000mm

Features Capacity Technology partner Advantages
High-power Reversible rolling Mill RSF-10,000 T SIEMENS-VAI *High shape factor rolling for better properties and lower internal discontinuities for ultra high strength-high toughness plates.
ADCO( Accelerated Direct cooling ) with Direct quenching facility 11,000 m3/hr SIEMENS-VAI * Controlled cooling with edge masking facility
* Direct quenching facility for producing ultra high-strength/high toughness/abrasion resistance steel plates.
Hot leveler 4000 T SIEMENS-VAI *High plastification ratio
*Low residual stresses
* Excellent flatness
Hot leveler 4000 T SIEMENS-VAI *High plastification ratio
*Low residual stresses
* Excellent flatness
Ultra-sonic testing   NDT * Online ultra sonic testing up to 50mm thick plates.
Heat treatment facilities Normalizing furnace
Quenching and tempering furnace
LOI Germany * Excellent mechanical properties
* Wide range of heat treatment facilities
*Inert atmosphere in furnace ensures less scale formation
* Ultra-high strength/toughness/abrasion and wear resistant plates.
Cold leveling 3000 T SIEMENS-VAI *Excellent flatness
Finishing facilities Shearing up to 50mm SIEMENS-VAI * Edge trimming with excellent dimensional tolerances
*Squared edges
Application Grades
Essar Shipor - Shipbuilding ABS A, B, D, AH32, DH32, DH40, EH40, DMR 249A
Essar Structor - General Engineering, Wind Power, Railway ASTM A36, EN 10025:2/3/4,IS 2062
Essar Thermor - Boiler and Pressure Vessels ASTMA285 Gr. A, B, C, A515 Gr.55/ 60/65, A516 Gr.55/ 60/65/70, EN 10028
Essar Acidor & Fluidor - Line Pipes API X46 to API X120
Plates API 2H/2W/2Y plate sheets
Essar Rockstar - Yellow Goods ASTM 514, EN 10025:6, advanced abrasion and wear resistant steels
Defence Customised grades for armour, anti-ballistic steels

Applications of Plates:
Generally the plates used in this application are pre-fabricated structures; some of the applications are in bridges, ports, buildings, dams etc. Steel plates used for construction require high strength, toughness and good weldability. The plate products are manufactured predominantly through TMCR, for certain critical applications normalized or quench and temper (QT) plates are used.

Line pipes
Steel plates are generally used in sour & non sour application. The pipes are subjected to high hoop/circumferential stress due to the transport elements. As the pipes are built across different geographies that demands very critical properties like high strength, high toughness, good weldability, high corrosion resistance, resistance to hydrogen induced cracking, sulfide stress corrosion cracking. The Plates used in this application are processed through TMCR route for achieving high strength coupled with high toughness.

Boilers and pressure vessels
The steel plates are generally hot/cold formed to desired shapes for major boilers or pressure vessels. The boilers and pressure vessels are characterized by the conditions like high temperature, high pressure, operating fluids etc. Under such extreme conditions the steel plates must possess high strength, high toughness, creep resistance, resistance to cracking etc. The plates are in general normalized for high temperature and high pressure applications. For certain applications that demand for high toughness and better properties QT plates are used.

Steel plates for ship-building applications are exposed to adverse load conditions like large cyclical loads, wave slaps, slamming thermal excursions in tropical and arctic conditions, cargo buoyancy. High strength coupled with high toughness, corrosion resistance, excellent through thickness properties, resistance to lamellar tearing, good weldability, good fatigue properties are some of the vital properties required. The plates are supplied in normalized, TMCR conditions. For special applications like ship-hulls that require high strength in combination with high toughness, QT process is used.

The steel plates for defence are fabricated to be assembled in battle tanks, mine protective vehicles, wall structures, protection suits etc. The steel plates are required to have high strength, high toughness, impact resistance, high hardness and anti ballistic properties to withstand sever conditions in battle fields, land mines and high momentum bullets.

Yellow Goods
The yellow goods applications are characterized by wear and abrasive conditions, hard mines, rocks, etc. The steel plates subjected to such applications require high strength, high toughness, and excellent abrasion and wear resistance. The use of ultra high strength steels plates help in providing good structural integrity, weight saving and reduced fabrication costs.

Testing facilities include the Scanning Electron Microscope with EDAX, to ensure clean steel with low inclusion.
Essar Steel plates conform to all international standards including API, STM, EN, JIS, and ARE. Each plate has a unique identification mark to ensure proper traceability right from the stage of heat making to final product. The waterfront location of the plant also gives Essar Steel a logistical advantage, to ensure timely execution and delivery of orders across the world.




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