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Factory welded beams

Essar Steel's factory welded beams are custom-made and ready-to-use saving labour, service and operational costs. They offer multi-beneficial solutions and improve project productivity, apart from offering designers and construction engineer maximum flexibility for their specific application.
bullet_essar.gif Web height (including flanges): 350-2,500mm
bullet_essar.gif Web thickness: 10-40mm
bullet_essar.gif Flange width: 250-1,000mm
bullet_essar.gif Flange thickness: 8-63mm
bullet_essar.gif Beam length: 6,000-18,000mm
bullet_essar.gif I / H beams: Wide flange beams
bullet_essar.gif Non-symmetrical: L / Tapered beams cross / star
bullet_essar.gif Shapes: Asymmetrical C-shapes, T-shapes, Z-shapes, symmetrical hybrid, camber, variable depth, and tapered
bullet_essar.gif Power projects
bullet_essar.gif Bridges
bullet_essar.gif Construction
bullet_essar.gif Real estate
bullet_essar.gif Shorten project time
bullet_essar.gif Increased productivity
bullet_essar.gif Reduce capex, labour and working capital
bullet_essar.gif Improve safety
bullet_essar.gif Improve quality with tighter design tolerances and weld strength
bullet_essar.gif Eliminate pollution (no shot blasting, no painting and no welding at site)
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