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Hazira: Pipe mill

Essar Pipe Mill, established in 2008, is located at Hazira, Gujarat. Today, it has a combined capacity of 0.6 MTPA of helical submerged arc welded (HSAW) and longitudinal submerged arc welded (LSAW) steel pipes along with internal and external coating facilities of up to 2mn square meters annually. Essar Pipe making facility is backed by external and internal anti corrosion coating facilities.

With the steel pipe industry being highly raw-material intensive, Pipe Mill has a distinct advantage in terms of easy access to raw material as the mill is located in the Essar Steel complex, Hazira. This in turn ensures a fast-delivery mechanism leading to timely execution of orders.

Salient features of Pipe Mill Limited:
Being an integrated steel plant, easy access to raw material enables speedy execution of orders.
State of the art technology and the latest testing equipment ensure adherence to international standards.
Automated systems and processes help in real time tracking of pipes until dispatches.
Minimal human interference ensures a high degree of precision and consistency.
High production to manpower ratio due to automation of processes.
Logistical advantage: Easy access to port and road ensures timely execution and delivery of orders across the world.


Helical Submerged Arc Welded Pipes (HSAW):
Helical submerged arc welded (HSAW) pipes are made from HR coil, where the coil is welded spirally to give a shape of pipe with the capacity to produce 270,000 tonnes of HSAW pipes. It manufactures high quality HSAW pipes conforming to international quality standards. One of the unique features of the two-mirror image HSAW mill is that it can manufacture pipes of same size or two different sizes simultaneously at a very high speed, thereby drastically reducing the delivery time.

The manufacturing process used for HSAW pipes consists of two steps
  Pipe forming combined with continuous tack welding
  The two step technology offers both quality and economic Benefits such as:
  High pipe forming speed by continuous Tack Welding
  Emphasis on pipe geometry on pipe forming machine without hindrance by SAW process, resulting in tightest tolerance even without cold expansion with respect to:
    Accuracy of diameter
High quality due to implementation of process automation technology
HSAW forming mill has main drive feed motor with 500,000 Nm torque enable to form pipe of 1 inch wall thickness comfortably

Plant Configuration: H-SAW
Diameter 16" to 100"
Grade API X80
Thickness 6.0mm to 25.4mm
Pipe Length (max) 12 meter
Current Capacity 275,000 TPA
Technology Support Byard; Phamitech

Longitudinal Seam Submerged Arc Welded Pipes (LSAW):
The SAW pipes manufactured from plates are called longitudinal submerged arc welded (LSAW) with an installed capacity of 330,000 TPA. The manufacturing facilities incorporate the hybrid JCO&E technology, which provides flexibility in terms of thickness & grade. The facility also possesses latest inspection and testing equipments to meet specific requirements on execution, strength, tolerance, length etc. The Mill also has valid licenses to use API Monogram.

Salient features of LSAW:
Capacity to produce pipes with very close Diameter Thickness ratio
Ultrasonic Testing to ensure internal soundness of steel plates used for producing pipes
LSAW Mill is equipped with 6000 MT JCO press, having capacity to form pipes of 60 mm WT.
Cold Expander (13m) to ensure tight and uniform control on pipe dimensions

Plant Configuration: L-SAW
Diameter 16" to 64"
Grade API X80
Thickness 6.0mm to 65mm
Pipe Length (max) 12 meter
Current Capacity 325,000 TPA
Technology Support JCO

Coating is an effective method to prevent corrosion, resist erosion and enhance operational life of line pipes. Pipe mill has imported technical know-how from Italy-based Socotherm, pioneers of coating. The facility deploys external coating like Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE), Dual layer FBE, 3 LPE, 3 LPP and Polyurethane, which are latest methods to prevent corrosion and internal coating like Cement Gunniting, Liquid Paint and Corrosion Resistance techniques to prevent corrosion and improve product flow.

Salient features of coating :
Deploys buggy system, which facilitates pipe specification and eliminates air entrapment.
Pipe curing system enables higher productivity
The coating facility is designed to maintain dust-free atmosphere by separating shot blasting and coating.
Cold Expander (13m) to ensure tight and uniform control on pipe dimensions

Coating Unit Configuration:
Diameter- external 4" to 60"
Diameter- internal 8" to 60"
Pipe weight 15 MT (max)
3 LPE 2 Mn sq mt
Liquid Epoxy 1 Mn sq mt

To cater to the wide range of pipe products manufactured through various routes, Pipe mill has full-fledged facilities for inspection and testing to ensure production of high quality products. Quality checks start right from the receipt of raw material and continue until the final completion of the product. Pipe mill is equipped with sophisticated quality monitoring systems like On-line Coil UT, Real Time Radiography (fluoroscopy), Fully Automatic Weld Seam Ultrasonic testing and 100% Pipe-end Radiography, to ensure that high quality standards are adhered to. The Mill also has a well equipped laboratory for testing pipes for its strength, toughness, macro and microstructure.

ISO 9001:2008 by APIQR
ISO/TS 29001 by API
API 5L, API 2B by American Petroleum Institute
API Specification Q1 by American Petroleum Institute
ISO 9001:200 by DNV
BIS certificates

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