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The Essar Steel plate mill with a capacity of 1.5 MTPA is India's widest plate mill producing 5 metre wide plates. The mill is equipped with the latest technology to produce value-added plates for specialised applications that conform to international standards. The mill is equipped with the latest normalising and quenching and tempering (Q&T) facilities for producing normalised and quenched and tempered plates up to 90 mm for specialty applications such as earth moving armour applications, shipbuilding, navy, etc.

Application Plate Brand
Shipbuilding, offshore platform and other fabrication ESSAR SHIPOR
Penstock and sluice gate ESSAR PENSTOR
Load Bearing Structures (Cranes Booms) ESSAR BOOMOR
Structural steel, Wind mills ESSAR STRUCTOR
Oil and Gas Pipelines ESSAR ACIDOR/FLUIDOR
Industrial Fans ESSAR FANOR
Boilers and pressure vessels ESSAR THERMOR
Material Handling Equipment and Vehicles ESSAR LOCOMOTOR
Mining Buckets/ Excavators/ Wheel loaders/Yellow Goods ESSAR ROCKSTAR            


bullet_essar.gif Widest plate mill producing up to 5m wide plates
bullet_essar.gif Thickness from 5-150 mm
bullet_essar.gif Wide range of products ranging from plates for structural, line pipes, yellow goods to advanced products for shipbuilding, boiler and pressure vessels, defence, etc.
bullet_essar.gif Customised products as per application requirements
bullet_essar.gif Value-added products through TMCP + ADCO
bullet_essar.gif Shot blasted and primer coating facility
bullet_essar.gif Thickness: 5-150 mm
bullet_essar.gif Width: 1,100-5,000 mm
bullet_essar.gif Length: Up to 25,000 mm
bullet_essar.gif For Shipbuilding – upto EH 36, DMR 249A
bullet_essar.gif For General Engineering / Structural steel: Wind Tower Application, Railways wagon. ASTM A 36, IS 2062 E 450, BS EN 10025-2, ASTM A 572
bullet_essar.gif For Boiler and Pressure Vessels – ASTM A 515, 516, ASTM A 387 Gr.11, 12 & 22, ASTM A 537 Class 1 & Class 2
bullet_essar.gif For Line Pipes – Up to API Grade X 80
bullet_essar.gif For Yellow Goods – Abrasion, corrosion and wear resistant steel plates – Rockstar 400, Rockstar 450, Rockstar 500
bullet_essar.gif For Offshore structural application: API 2H, 2Y & 2W
Supply condition
bullet_essar.gif As rolled
bullet_essar.gif Normalised rolled
bullet_essar.gif Thermo-mechanical controlled rolled
bullet_essar.gif Furnace normalised
bullet_essar.gif Quenched/ Quenched and tempered (Q&T)
bullet_essar.gif Shot blasted and primer coated
bullet_essar.gif Better yield, quality and durability
bullet_essar.gif Optimised thickness to strength ratio
bullet_essar.gif Excellent weldability
bullet_essar.gif Excellent abrasion, corrosion and wear resistance
bullet_essar.gif Ultrasonically tested using online UT machine up to 50 mm and manual UT up to 150 mm

Essar Steel Heavy Plates Brochure

Rockstar 400 - Wear Resistant Plates

Rockstar 450 - Wear Resistant Plates

Rockstar 500 - Wear Resistant Plates

Structor 700 - High Strength Structural Plates



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