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Hot rolled

Essar Steel has state-of-the-art hot rolling mills with a rated capacity of 8.6 MTPA. The facilities include a conventional hot rolling mill and a modern compact strip mill. The mills are capable of producing a wide range of high-strength hot rolled products in sizes ranging from 0.8mm to 20mm for various applications. The mills are equipped with an advanced automation system for producing products as per the required dimensions and sizes.
bullet_essar.gif Widest hot strip mill having width up to 2,000mm
bullet_essar.gif Product conforming to national and international standards
bullet_essar.gif Dimensional tolerances customised to specific requirements
bullet_essar.gif Available in coil / slit / sheet form
bullet_essar.gif Thickness: 0.8-20mm
bullet_essar.gif Width: 180-2,000mm

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bullet_essar.gif Drawing quality steel: D / DD / EDD
bullet_essar.gif Cold rolling grades: IF (Interstitial Free) and High Strength IF Steels
bullet_essar.gif Medium carbon / high carbon steels
bullet_essar.gif High strength steels: JIS G 3113 SAPH310/370/400/440, JIS G 3134 SPFH-540/590, EN 10149-2 S550MC/S650MC, DP590
bullet_essar.gif Line pipe – API X42 to X-80 grades (Sour and Non Sour Applications)
bullet_essar.gif Boilers and pressure vessels grades
 bullet_essar.gif Ship building grades
bullet_essar.gif Corrosion resistant steel
 Supply conditions
bullet_essar.gif Mill edge / trimmed
bullet_essar.gif HR black / Hot Rolled and Pickled Oiled (HRPO)
bullet_essar.gif General engineering
bullet_essar.gif Automotive: Wheel rims / disc, Chassis, Long member / cross members, Axles
bullet_essar.gif Boilers and pressure vessels
bullet_essar.gif Shipbuilding
bullet_essar.gif Railways
bullet_essar.gif Oil and gas pipelines
bullet_essar.gif Defence
bullet_essar.gif Structural construction
bullet_essar.gif Excellent cold forming and deep drawing properties
bullet_essar.gif Import substitute for high value, high quality steel
bullet_essar.gif Excellent weldability

Consistency in quality


Accreditation from BIS, RDSO etc



Steels for re-rolling

Steels for cold forming and deep drawing applications

Steels for structural and general engineering applications

Medium and High Carbon steels

Steels for boilers and pressure vessels

Steels for welded tubes and pipes applications

Steels for ship building applications

Steels for low pressure and gas containers

Steels for electrical stamping applications (Silicon Steel)

Steels for casting and tubing applications

Steels for automotive applications

Atmospheric corrosion resistant steel

High strength low alloy steel

Steels for API line pipe (Sour grade)

Steels for API line pipe (Non-Sour grade)

Tables for Thickness and Width Range

Dimensional Tolerances



  Cold Rolled




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