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Essar Steel produces world-class galvanised steel products in its galvanising facility with a capacity of 1 MTPA. The products offer excellent properties such as corrosion resistance, good service life, excellent surface finish, and close dimensional tolerances.
bullet_essar.gif Uniform zinc coating in the range of 120-600 GSM
bullet_essar.gif Spangles: Zero / regular / minimised / suppressed  
bullet_essar.gif With and without tension leveling
bullet_essar.gif Passivation: Chromated (Hexavalent / Trivalent)
bullet_essar.gif Oiling: 100-1,000 GSM
bullet_essar.gif Winding: Controlled / staggered (+/- 5 to +/-15mm)
bullet_essar.gif Coil id: 508 / 610 mm
Supply condition
bullet_essar.gif Coil / Slits/ Sheet form
bullet_essar.gif Thickness: 0.15-3.2 mm
bullet_essar.gif Width: 200-1,350 mm
bullet_essar.gif Length: Up to 2,500 mm
Grades & Standards
bullet_essar.gif CQ, DQ, DDQ, EDDQ, HSLA
bullet_essar.gif ASTM  A653, SS33/37/40/50/60/80, EN 10327, JIS
bullet_essar.gif Construction: Steel framing, false ceilings, sandwich panels, ducting, decking, purlin, HVAC applications
bullet_essar.gif White goods: Refrigerators, deep freezers, washing machines, air coolers
bullet_essar.gif Automotive: Auto internal components, bus bodies
bullet_essar.gif Furniture: Office equipment
bullet_essar.gif Containers: Grain silos, drum & barrels
bullet_essar.gif Crash guards / hand rails
bullet_essar.gif Excellent surface finish for superior paintability
bullet_essar.gif Consistency in quality

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