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Shot blasted and primed plates

Essar Steel's shot blasted and primed plates can be directly used and allows for excellent adhesion of prime coat and paint.
bullet_essar.gif Can be directly used and saves time and cost
bullet_essar.gif Environment friendly as compared to sand-blasted plates
bullet_essar.gif Available in two primer coatings – iron oxide and zinc silicate
bullet_essar.gif High weather resistance
bullet_essar.gif Increases tool life and paint durability
bullet_essar.gif Easier to use as compared to fabricated plates
bullet_essar.gif Thickness: 6-70mm
bullet_essar.gif Width: 1,250mm-5,000mm
bullet_essar.gif Length: 4,000mm-12,000mm
Supply condition
bullet_essar.gif One or both sides blasting or priming
bullet_essar.gif Only blasting with no priming
bullet_essar.gif Shop primer iron oxide or zinc silicate: 15-40 microns and Epoxy: 15-40 microns
bullet_essar.gif Shipbuilding
bullet_essar.gif Construction
bullet_essar.gif Railways
bullet_essar.gif Engineering and machinery
bullet_essar.gif Bridges and flyovers
bullet_essar.gif Pre-fabricated buildings
bullet_essar.gif Better yield, quality and durability
bullet_essar.gif Optimised thickness to strength ratio
bullet_essar.gif Excellent weldability
bullet_essar.gif Ultrasonically tested using online UT machine up to 50mm and manual UT up to 150mm

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