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Application engineering
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Application engineering

Application engineering and product development in Essar Steel is the corner stone of a successful integration of deep insight and understanding of the customer’s current and evolving needs with a meaningful product development solution. As one of the key drivers of the business it also supports the expansion of the business development efforts at Essar Steel. The Application Engineering team provides the synergy between plant, marketing, quality, research and development, product development and process control functions of the business.

The new product development efforts of the application engineering team delivers sustained value-creation for customers right from conceptual design to ready for service value engineered solutions resulting in demonstrable improvements.

Essar Steel has also pioneered the design and usage of advanced high-strength steels and the first to launch high-strength hot rolled steel in India. Other initiatives include developing new generation steels for weight saving and rationalisation of steel grades for optimum strength-to-weight ratio.

 car_wheel.jpg  b_piller.jpg
Figs (high strength wheels for passenger car wheel applications) Development of high strength steel for reinforcement of B-piller
High strength (650MPa) for heavy trucks

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