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Life at Essar Steel

Employee connect
We believe in emotionally bonding with our employees to build an objective, participative, nurturing, winning and rewarding work culture. We call it the employee connect, wherein every employee is a contributing member to the Essar Steel family. At Essar Steel, we constantly endeavour to balance work and life because we respect your time, understand your values and virtues; and also strive to lend a helping hand wherever we can. We believe that productive people take their work seriously and themselves in the lighter vein. Our aim is to bring out the best in every employee by following certain employee connect initiatives.

Employee assistance program
Employee assistance program is an initiative designed to provide competent personal and professional consulting and counselling services to the employees as well as their families.

Health and wellness: A slice of good life
This is a holistic fitness program, which makes fitness achievable and keeps you motivated to stay healthy. Our tie-ups with various fitness brands ensure that you never miss your fitness regimen, wherever you are. Some initiatives within this program include:

 bullet_essar.gif Rejuvenate – the gym
 bullet_essar.gif Expert nutritionist
 bullet_essar.gif The calorie counter
 bullet_essar.gif Yoga @ work
 bullet_essar.gif Wellness workshops
 bullet_essar.gif Wellness week
 bullet_essar.gif Fittest Essarite contest

Inclusive initiatives

Essar Steel provides a congenial work environment where people thrive on opportunities to learn, engage and participate in a wide range of initiatives. The Essar Steel culture caters to their holistic lifestyle and growth needs. The initiatives include:

 bullet_essar.gif Essar privileges: An experiential platform enabling the employees / internal stakeholders of Essar Steel to live the brand and benefit from various offers provided by the company.
 bullet_essar.gif Samanvay hobby groups: The confluence of communities with common interests and hobbies.
 bullet_essar.gif Move from stress to chill: Communities of Essarites sharing hobbies, interest, leisure and lifestyle.
 bullet_essar.gif Essar cares: Community action by responsive Essarites.
 bullet_essar.gif Diversity and tolerance: Strivings to promote an inclusive culture embracing all forms of diversity.

Events and celebrations

Efforts are made through the employee connect to provide employees with opportunities to participate in their favourite sports and cultural events at inter-company as well as intra-company levels to unleash their creativity.

Throughout the year, the employee connect keeps on organising outdoor and indoor sports, cultural programs, talent shows and celebrations on Diwali, Founders' Day and Women's Day to connect closer and nurture a stronger bond with every employee and make the Essar experience for all worth remembering.


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