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Research and Development
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Research and Development

Essar Steel has a dedicated set-up for in-house Research and Development (R&D) at Hazira, Gujarat. The research centre is equipped with a metallography laboratory containing sophisticated equipments such as scanning electron microscope with EBSD and EDS attachments, Hysteresis loop tracer and high power optical microscopes with image analysers. The process improvement laboratories are equipped with water modeling facilities, high-capacity computers for mathematical modeling, laboratory equipment to study characteristics of raw materials. A team of dedicated research engineers, most of them being post graduates from premier educational institutions, are involved in various research projects.

research.jpg  caster_liquid.jpg
Research and Development centre Caster liquid flow modeling facility
caster_liquid11.jpg  scanning_electron.jpg
Scanning electron microscope Computer modeling of coal injection system

The research is conducted in various fields of applied research such as product development, mathematical modeling and physical modeling, failure analysis, process improvement, and waste management. In order to reduce developmental time and improve upon knowledge gaps, R&D has entered into collaboration with educational institutions such as Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Annamalai University, and research wings of CBMM Corporations. The team has been instrumental in development of various import substitute steel grades like Bake Hardening steel (BH -180/220) used for automobile panels, quench and tempered abrasion resistant steels for yellow goods (HRB 400 equivalent), steels for naval ships and army vehicles, and steels for petroleum line pipes for sweet and sour applications (API X-80 sweet service, X-65 sour service). Process improvement team of R&D is focused on improvement of the process efficiency, and innovations by Group are being patented by the company. 


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