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Why Essar Steel

Essar Steel, an integral part of the Essar Group, a leading multinational conglomerate, focuses on developing its employees and evolving itself in the process. The employees, considered to be a part of the Essar family, always celebrate and stand together. The employees have tremendous professional growth opportunities as the Essar Group expands its global footprint and consolidates its leadership position in various segments.

Every year, many enthusiastic graduates join Essar Steel and bring in fresh perspectives to the table. We encourage creativity and innovation in their thoughts, encourage the spirit of enterprise in them, involve them in decision-making and recognise their desirable actions. At Essar Steel, we promote work with fun and believe that happy employees contribute the most to the company's growth.

Trust, recognition and opportunities are identified with the entire Essar Group. The company uses sophisticated but environment-friendly technologies and integrated processes. This makes us one of the lowest-cost producers in the world. Today, recognised as one of India's leading steel manufacturers, Essar Steel is fast moving towards achieving complete integration with continuous innovation and market expansion across the globe.

The Essar Group offers fulfilling career opportunities in its diverse businesses. The year 2011 has been declared as the 'Year of Internal Talent' by the Chairman - the company will showcase its members' development and the importance accorded to it. Strongly driven by its vision and values, the Essar Group lays utmost emphasis on internal and external customer satisfaction.

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