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Essar Steel adds one more Award to its tally

November 21,2018
Essar Steel adds one more Award to its tally.png

 Essar Steel has yet again been recongnised for its prowess in developing customised steel, exactly the way its customers want it. It recently won the Make In India Emerging – 2018 award for its contribution towards "Steel Localization" and "Import Substitution" from Highly India, one of Essar Steel’s esteemed customers. 

Based out of Ahmedabad (Gujarat), Highly India is one of the largest manufacturers of compressors for Air Conditioners. During the inception of its business, Highly India had a specific requirement for steel which wasn’t manufactured in our country. Hence it sourced its steel primarily from Bao Steel (China) for its supplies.

However, once Essar Steel was brought into the picture, a series of discussions were held regarding the product specifications. All teams starting from Marketing & Sales to Application Engineering, QA/QC, Operations, TCG, R&D, DCM, SC, CSD, Logistics and others got together, and customised steel was developed for Highly India. Essar Steel was the first domestic steel mill to have developed this specialised product, and it was a huge step towards import substitution for the country. 

As Essar Steel takes giant strides towards manufacturing special steel, winning such awards is becoming a habit. Last year it won the award from JCB for the specialised steel developed for them. Essar Steel’s contributions towards developing steel that helps replacing imports, thereby supporting the Make In India vision, is helping many businesses in the country. Hence, while such recognition marks our position in the industry, it is also a matter of immense pride for all Essarites. We applaud the efforts of the Essar Steel team. Congratulations to all!

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